What’s in store for A Hateful Homicide in 2022

A Hateful Homicide will be concluding Season 2 on January 29, 2022 with a total of 13 episodes. 

A Hateful Homicide will be launching Season 3 on Saturday March 26, 2022 including the launching of its website ahatefulhomice.com We are very honored to continue to expand A Hateful Homicide into a video podcast as well, and continue to provide a voice for each and every victim. 

My goal for A Hateful Homicide is for it to become a syndicated true crime investigative journalism show that covers victims of the trans, transgender, gender non-binary, gender nonconfomring, and gender expansive community members in the United States and abroad. I Mallery Jenna Robinson as the creator and podcaster strongly believes that A Hateful Homicide is meant to tell the stories of our community members that are very often overlooked, misgendered, and blamed. A Hateful Homicide provides a voice for the victims and I will not stop until the hateful homicides of our community members receive the acknowledgement, dignity, justice and respect that they deserve, that we all deserve. 

A big thank you to Dee Dee Watters and the entire TransGriot and TransGriot Weekly family for allowing A Hateful Homicide to share weekly blogs regarding the victims and providing the website for A Hateful Homicide we truly could not have done it without you all.

I also appreciate you all for helping A Hateful Homicide to continue to be shared with our beautiful community. 

A big thank you to the audience members who have read the blogs, shared the posts and graphics, and listened to the episodes. 

I appreciate each and everyone of you for making A Hateful Homicide a success in raising awareness regarding the homicidal violence plaguing our communities. This is just the beginning. A Hateful Homicide is here to stay and will continue with your support to thrive in assuring each victim has a voice.

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