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Another day, another run in with a white fauxgressive, and this time the fauxgressive flies the trans pride flag.

This started after I posted a comment on my Facebook page that was promoting a op-ed by Sharron Cooks that will go up on TransGriot tomorrow entitled ‘We Are All At Risk’

Olivia Maynard decided to make it all about her

Sharron L Cooks Thank You Monica! I really appreciate it!

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Olivia Kimberly Maynard

Olivia Kimberly Maynard I think fracturing LGBT over race is going to lead to more losses.

I know I tire of the drink queer white tears faction of LGBT. 

Blaming white women for Hillaries loss. She did t even get the POC vote Obama had in 08.

BLM did t deliver votes.

POC backed Hillary over Bernie then did t show to the polls.

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Esarhaddon Asshur

Esarhaddon Asshur Black women voted 83℅ for Hillary. 53% of white women voted for Trump, along with 58% of whites of every category of age and gender. So kindly fuck off with how ignoring the elephant in the room solves problems.

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Olivia Kimberly Maynard

Olivia Kimberly Maynard If she had gotten the poc vote just from the primary she would have won.

If she would have gotten the POC vote from 08 or 12 she would have won.

She lost because not enough people voted for her and POC didn’t go to the polls.

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Esarhaddon Asshur

Esarhaddon Asshur Voter suppression had a lot to do with that and she won the popular vote. She lost the electoral college by a margin reflecting narrow voting rates in the rust belt, where the decisive electorates were NOT POCS OF ANY FUCKING STRIPE NO MATTER HOW MANY ANECDOTES YOU PULL OUT OF YOUR ASS.

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Olivia Kimberly Maynard

Olivia Kimberly Maynard You can ignore the huge support POC gave trump and withheld from Clinton.

This was not a racial election. 

Promoting racial animosity will break coalitions. 

I know I am way over blame white women for this election already. Particularly when black people didn’t vote and of those that did huge increases of people of color went Republican.

So yes. Vent. However, if we don’t form a true coalition we will all suffer.

I know I am thinking we need a non race baiting lgbt center in Houston and white dollars should not support harming and blaming white LGBT kids.

If we are to eat ourselves let’s start.

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Esarhaddon Asshur

Esarhaddon Asshur This absolutely was a racial election. Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. 

The people promoting racial animosity won the fucking election.

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Ina Rose

Ina Rose How is it possible to say POC didnt vote??? No we didnt turn out as much as we did for Obama, but we turned out for more than we have for any other dem candidate in 30 years. 

White dems meanwhile historically underperformed and worse, of the ones who did show up to the polls. not an insignificant number of their votes went to Trump.

Monica Roberts Olivia, race matters in America. 

Until white people like yourself honestly come to grips with that fact and call your relatives and people in your influence circles out about their racist behavior that harms me and other non-white Americans, the problem of the color line as WEB Du Bois called it will persist in America.

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Olivia Kimberly Maynard

Olivia Kimberly Maynard Of course race matters. Sex matters. Class matters. LGBT status matters.

You think my racist relatives listen or even talk to me? 

Lol I am nothing but a demon possessed faggot race traitor to them.

I will say now as much as ever. I know a huge number of African Americans who voted for trump.

More than any other Republican. 

Many. Trans, gay, rich, poor. All. Black though. 

So blaming white people seems off the mark.

Ten million less votes Than Obama . 

We can’t move forward with LGBT rights if we are racially antagonists to each other

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Monica Roberts

Monica Roberts Nor can we move forward in LGBT community if we don’t have a serious discussion about race in our own LGBTQ house and do out utmost to be BETTER than the parent society. Sweeping it under the rug or Ignoring it isn’t going to solve the problem, much less lead to LGBTQ human rights policy we can all get behind.

Olivia Kimberly Maynard I totally agree.

Right now white LGBT kids suffer. They aren’t getting any pass.

To promote bullying them will break this community. 

I agree racism needs to be addressed. 

However too many think that means telling white kids to shut up or writing things like drink queen white tears.

Leaders of Houston LGBT community should maybe law off race baiting. 

Particularly those who serve white kids at montrose center.

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Esarhaddon Asshur

Esarhaddon Asshur No, calling it race baiting displays the kind of blinkered hypocritical mindset that let this happen in the first place. White supremacy is exactly what gave Trump his winning margins. Both by getting reactionaries and right wingers out to vote, and by the voter suppression and repression that’s been going on these last three years. 

This is how it happened. Prizing whiteness over rightness.

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Olivia Kimberly Maynard The way people are venting isn’t good. White kids had nothing to do with this. People from Montrose center should not be blaming white people. 

Not if montrose center want white money.

We find a way forward together or we dont.

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Esarhaddon Asshur

Esarhaddon Asshur *sighs* Let me try one more time: 

POCs have every reason in the world to be angry right now. Tone policing NOW is a damn fool stupid decision taken for damn fool stupid reasons.

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Esarhaddon Asshur

Esarhaddon Asshur It always is, but especially now.

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Olivia Kimberly Maynard

Olivia Kimberly Maynard This election was not about poc. It was Muslim and lgbt. 

So it is wrong to not acknowledge lgbt kids suffer. Even the white ones.

We can always have more tribalism. 

I think we shouldn’t encourage it.

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Esarhaddon Asshur

Esarhaddon Asshur Muslims are POCs, a lot of times. 

It’s the height of folly and hypocrisy to claim tribalism is bad or should be avoided when it clearly won out in 2016.

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Olivia Kimberly Maynard

Olivia Kimberly Maynard Muslim is not equal to POC.

Tribalism is bad. We should not follow them. 

Be angry but enough with the drink queen white tears talking points.

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Esarhaddon Asshur

Esarhaddon Asshur *sighs* Are you really trying to tell a black woman not to complain about racism after black voter suppression thanks to the Voting Rights Act is alive and well, after all the judicial murders of black people, after Ferguson? 

I’d say that white discomfort is a minimum part of getting the new order properly set out.

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Olivia Kimberly Maynard

Olivia Kimberly Maynard Yes. I have many black friends who said I was display g white privilege to say it is wrong to vote trump. 

I tire of this race game.

Poc voted Trump

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Esarhaddon Asshur

Esarhaddon Asshur http://www.nytimes.com/…/why-trump-won-working-class…

Why Trump Won: Working-Class Whites


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Esarhaddon Asshur

Esarhaddon Asshur https://www.theguardian.com/…/white-voters-victory…

White and wealthy voters gave victory to Donald Trump, exit polls show


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Esarhaddon Asshur

Esarhaddon Asshur https://mic.com/…/more-white-women-voted-for-donald…

More white women voted for Donald Trump than for Hillary Clinton


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Esarhaddon Asshur

Esarhaddon Asshur ^WHITE PEOPLE WERE TRUMP’S LARGEST CONSTITUENCY. This is not a subject for debate, the facts do not lie. You may be tired of this race thing but this race thing is why we’re in the fucking mess in the first place.

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Esarhaddon Asshur

Esarhaddon Asshur Race is not a game to black people, it is their literal lives at risk.

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