What Is A Democrat?

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I’m sick of the Green Tea Party far left labeling anyone they don’t like, especially women and people of color as ‘corporate Democrats.’

I also noticed that that label gets applied to any Democrat who the far left thinks is a possible candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination like Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Cory Booker, Sen. Elizabeth Warren…

You get my drift. .Note to you peeps, the 2020 Democratic Party primary voters will determine who will be that nominee, and many of those Democratic Party primary voters look like me.

So what is a Corporate Dem? Seems like the definition of a ‘Corporate Dem’ is anyone who doesn’t walk in lock step with non-Democrat Bernie Sanders or who doesn’t pass their vanillacentric privileged goalpost shifting standards of a purity test.

Those ‘purity tests’ didn’t work in 2016, and they damned sure didn’t work in 2000 either. All your far left Green Tea Party purity tests have done is to get the worst possible Republicans elected and saddle us with a radical conservative SCOTUS because in large part you have an irrational hatred of the Democratic Party that we and the country don’t have time for.

First things first, we need to have a laser beam focus on the 2018 midterm elections.

So what is a Democrat? Here’s my thoughts concerning what a
Democrat is and not the RussiaLeaks or Republican version of one is.

To me, to be a Democrat is to be someone who is in favor of human rights protection for all. It means you care about the social safety net and wish to defend and improve it. It means you care about the environment.. It means that you will fight to the death to defend Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. and eventually universal single payer health care.

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It means you fight for public education.and making it easier for people to afford a college education without breaking their family’s bank accounts or putting the college grad in debt for the next 20-20 years It means fighting for science and scientific research to get the tax dollars it deserves and our school systems go back to teaching critical thinking skills and not test taking .

Being a Democrat also means you fight tooth and nail to protect the right to vote and a woman’s right to choose. It means that you respect freedom of religion, and people’s choice to be free from having religious beliefs at all.

It means that you are in favor of reasonable gun regulations. It means fighting for a justice system that lives up to its name. It means making our federal, state and local governments, the people who work in them and the folks in our judicial system look like America

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It means you fight for working class people, not the 1%. It means fighting for a fair tax system in which corporations doing business in the United States and those who can pay more pay their fair share in taxes. It means being about creating jobs at a livable wage with regular increases in the minimum wage based on inflation, and relentlessly fighting for a strong union movement.

It means investing in
infrastructure, be it our transportation networks, internet communications networks or our technological expertise in space.

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It means that we Democrats serve with the highest ethical standards because character matters. It means,because believe in a government of, by and for the people, we want government to work.

We should as Democrats when we have control of the government find the most qualified people to run their agencies

It means that when we create governmental policy that is going to impact people’s lives, we do so with facts. It means we Democrats use logic and reason based policies to make government work efficiently and better for all people

Finally, being a Democrat means that we don’t fear the future, we look forward to it and plan ahead so that our kids and grandkids inherit a better world

That in my eyes, is
what a Democrat is.

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