WH Petition To Remove Derogatory Anti-Trans Comments From Trans Vets DD-214’s

According to a survey from the Williams Institute, trans people are far more likely to serve in the military than our non-trans counterparts, and there are an estimated 15,500 transgender people who have answered that call currently serving in our armed forces..

They are fighting not only to defend our country, but for your specious right to hate them.

There are also up to 134, 300 trans military veterans like Carla, and they are required by many employers and state agencies to submit their DD-214 form. the Certificate of Release From Active Duty, when applying for work or social benefits.  

If you have served honorably, you should have a DD-214 that is free of derogatory statements.   But on Section 28 of Carla’s, it contains the statement because she transitioned, “Conditions That Interfere With Military Service – Not Disability -Mental Disorders”.

You can probably understand how problematic that kind of derogatory statement can be on your DD-214 if you’re applying for a job, or simply being annoyed by it being on a document as important as the DD-214 is in pursuit of a quality post-military life.

So please take a moment to help Carla and other trans veterans in this situation by signing this White House You.gov petition.  I’ve already done so, and it needs to get to 100,000 signatures by May 3 in order to ensure a White House response to the request of this petition.

It’s past time that the Department of Defense stop demonizing trans veterans and end the practice of putting derogatory information on the DD-214 discharge forms of trans military veterans who have honorably served our country.

The link to the petition is here


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