Welcome To The International Trans Fam, Gauri!

“I want to tell the world it’s not always easy to be who you are, but you must stay true to yourself’
-Gauri Arora

As I like to continue to remind you TransGriot readers, trans people are part of the diverse mosaic of human life and we inhabit every continent on this planet except Antarctica.

And wouldn’t be surprised if one day, we hear about a trans scientist doing some research at the bottom of the world.

During a web surfing session to find some interesting things to talk about, discovered the chatter coming from India about our trans sister Gauri Arora that started back in late September .  

Before her transition, the 24 year old had come out as bisexual on Indian national television, was a six foot tall model with a Men’s Health magazine cover shoot to her credit with 8 pack abs, and had appeared on Season 8 of the reality television show MTV Splitsvilla. 

Now the chatter in India is about Arora’s metamorphosis to the person she knew she always was and how she is adapting to her new life.

She talked about her transition in this October interview with the Hindustan Times.

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 “I have the guts to come out while many don’t. I know that fame and money, I can make anytime as I’m ambitious and capable. This is me, this is my journey and my journey is all about Gauri Arora, who is moving from being the cover model of Men’s Health with eight-pack abs to the new me. Now I want to be on the cover of a women’s magazine. I have gym mates like Jacqueline Fernandes and Sonam Kapoor and they appreciate me like anything. I have a lot of fans and everywhere I go people come up and talk to me. But no one does anything to directly help. I feel there are many people with me but no one with me really. I can’t tell people please accept me, please love me. They take me as a glam thing. But deep down, I’m a girl, and I want a man in my life. And when I’m a woman, I want to adopt a girl child.”

We feel you, Gauri.   many of us have been there with the family rejection.  They may or may not come around, but you are not alone.You are part of an international family now, and we welcome you with open arms to it.

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