Upcoming February 25 Can We Talk For Real Podcast Appearance

With 2015 already shaping up to be a horrific year for anti-trans murders, I’ve been invited to appear on my first Can We Talk For Real podcast for this year.

I always look forward to talking to the CWT4R team, but during this February 25 show Ina, Michelle, Terri Boi and I will discuss what’s happening, some possible reasons why the trans murders have spiked since June 2014 and some possible solutions to it..

You can call 347-215-8985 to take part in that discussion or listen to the show starting at 10:30 PM Eastern time, 9:30 PM Central time, 8:30 PM Mountain time and at 7:30 PM Pacific time.

Hope that many of you TransGriot readers will tune in for this conversation as well.

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