Unjust Trans Rights Bill Moves To Mass Senate-Still Ain’t Happy About That

The unjust Massachusetts Trans Rights Bill passed the Massachusetts House on a 95-58 vote yesterday with two Democrats voting against it.and all the GOP opposed to it.

It’s now headed to the Massachusetts Senate, and we’ll now see what happens to this bill there or if it dies in the Senate despite yanking PA language out of it to make the bigots happy, MTPC.

Critics of the bill claimed a partial win.

a victory for the safety, privacy and modesty of women and children who
expect to be safe and secure in public bathrooms in the commonwealth,”
said Kris Mineau, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute.

And by the way, public accommodations means more than just the bathroom. You give bigots a millimeter to discriminate against you, they’ll take a kilometer to do so.

To see why I’m still pissed about PA language being yanked out of this bill peep these comments from Rand Paul (R-KY) and Fox Noise’s John Stossel about wanting to repeal the public accommodations clause from the 1964 Civil Rights Act so business owners have the right to discriminate against you. 

I’m still not a happy camper about it, but you Massachusetts transpeople
will have to live with the results of a jacked up bill, and once again
my people will pay the price for your lack of civil rights vision.

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