Unjust SB 180 Passes KY Senate

Sen. Reginald Thomas, D-Lexington, left, and Sen. Albert Robinson, R-London, debated a bill that would let businesses reject gay customers on religious grounds.

Got the news from my old Kentucky stomping grounds that the GOP controlled Kentucky Senate in Frankfort went there and passed the unjust SB 180, a ‘right to discriminate’ bill sponsored by Sen. Albert Robinson (R-London).

Read more here: http://www.kentucky.com/news/politics-government/article66200452.html#storylink=cpy

It passed the Kentucky Senate on a 22-16 vote with five Republican senators, Julie Raque Adams (R-Louisville), Alice Forgy Kerr (R-Lexington), Christian McDaniel (R-Latonia), Carroll Gibson (R-Leitchfield) and Wil Schroeder (R-Wilder) joining the 11 Democratic senators in opposing the unjust bill.

It moves on to the Democratic controlled Kentucky House, where Speaker Greg Stumbo (D-Prestonburg) stated this bill was headed to committee to die.

“We took an oath to defend the Constitution, not violate it,” said Speaker Stumbo.

The 2016 legislative session ends on April 12.and I’ll be watching along with my former fairness campaign colleagues to make sure that the unjust SB 180 never makes it out of committee.

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