University Of Houston Second Most Diverse Campus In The Nation

Had to do a little bragging (again) about my alma mater on these electronic pages since it came in second only to Rutgers University-Newark as one of the most diverse campuses in the nation according to a US News and World Report study.

The other schools from the Lone Star State that made the top 25 of this diverse schools list were Rice, UT-Arlington, Texas Woman’s University, and UT-San Antonio

That diversity just doesn’t extend to ethnic minorities, there is also an LGBT Resource Center on campus under Lorraine Schroeder’s able leadership.  

The LGBT Resource Center at the University of Houston mission is to seek to create an
environment of inclusion and acceptance for all LGBT students, staff
and faculty. Through outreach, programming, education, advocacy,
leadership and visibility, we strive to strengthen the UH LGBT community
and to eliminate attitudes of homophobia, heterosexism, and gender
identity oppression. The Center provides the UH LGBT community with
access to a broad range of resources, activities, and support services
through collaborations with student organizations, campus departments,
and local community organizations.


I’ve attended some of those programs and activities on campus since I returned home and I’m looking forward to working with the UH LGBT center in coordinating more programming that highlights some of the challenges that transpeople of color face..

Houston is a diverse, international city, and it’s great that our flagship university not only reflects that diversity but is being recognized for it..

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