Unidentified Black trans woman murdered in North Houston

Update as of 1:00pm cst we were informed that the mother of the trans woman has been notified once her identity is confirmed we will let you know more.

Unidentified Black trans woman fell victim to a fatal hit and run in the Oak Creek Village area in Houston TX this area is near 1960 and T C Jester click here for Mapquest view

 On December 20th officers found a Black Trans Woman who was pronounced dead on the scene by the arriving officers.  

Presently she is marked as a unidentified person #JaneDoe and we need to get her identified. 

She is believed to be in her 40’s and has an identifying tattoo that is on the front upper left chest which appears to read in cursive: “Christian Reaiah” or “Reaiak” followed by a heart beat graphic (photo included in case images)

front upper left chest which appears to read in cursive: "Christian Reaiah" or "Reaiak" followed by a heart beat graphic (photo from namus.gov)

Standing at 5 foot 9 inches tall and weighed 176 pounds.

She had long brown braids and was found wearing a leopard print hair cover a blue sports bra and a pink bra with dark blue sweat pants.

Due to the fact that she has yet to be identified no image of her face has been provided. 

We ask that if you know someone who fits this description or have a friend in the area provided above and haven’t heard from them since the 20th please reach out to us here at TransGriot by phone 713-800-6000, email thetransgriot@gmail.com or message us using Messenger via Facebook and we’ll connect you to the correct parties to get her identified. If you’d like to reach out to the Sheriff’s office directly you’re welcome to do so at 713-221-6000 the case number is #2112-07879

Sadly this is something that happens more often than many of us are aware of, trans bodies left unidentified in morgues all over the country and certainly around the world. This is for a number of reasons like bad or no media coverage, lack of family and most often lack of identifacation since many times we stray away from carrying anything with our “deadname” or legal identifying information on us.

We will keep you posted with any updates and it is our hope that we can quickly identify her.


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