Uncle Pat’s KKKabin

Just thought I’d provide y’all with another example TransGriot readers of why I can’t stand conservatism, and conservafools like Pat Buchanan pimpng white supremacist ideology on the network aiorwaves. 

And FYI, here’s the Color of Change petition calling for his removal from MSNBC.   he has a right to his free speech and his views.  He doesn’t have the right to spew it on the public airwaves.


He can get a gig over at Fox Noise where he’ll fit right in as one of the resident Boys in the Hood.

Media Matters has put together videos and transcripts of UnKKKle Pat’s greatest hits on MSNBC, and why African American and other POC’s want his bigoted azz off the air and over at Faux News where he belongs.

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