Umm Naw, Black Houstonians Aren’t Solely To Blame For This HERO Disaster


I’ve been calling this failed Houston Unites effort Prop 8 v 2.0 because they basically replicated the mistakes of the 2008 Prop 8 campaign in California.

One of the other way they are replicating the mistakes of Prop 8 is trying to blame Black people for their human rights malpractice.

One of the things I was worried about in the run up to the Prop 1 election was that if it went sideways and was repealed, the Houston Black community would be blamed for the loss.

And right on cue, that BS is already starting.   Carlos Maza ridiculously tried to throw shady blame at Beyonce, when I already pointed out that the #BeyBeAHERO campaign he tried to push was flawedbecause of the lack of input from Black LGBT Houstonians.   

Ashton Woods also had something to say about Maza’s problematic comments.

Houston Council Districts.png

Been warning y’all for months that the HERO would be decided in Districts B and D, not Montrose and the Heights, and the 72% of voters in District B and 65% of District D voting to repeal HERO basically cosigned what we’ve known we needed to do and asked for since May 2014.

You had to do education in those districts, since many of the repeal petition autographs came from those same districts.  Education, outreach and canvassing also needed to be done in the Latinx and Asian communities.

And when it comes to trans issues, there are elements of LG World that are just as transphobic as the Hotzes of the world,

You want to blame somebody, let’s start with the organization tasked with defending our human rights law in Houston Unites. 

When you knew this, didn’t even reach out to the Black community (and the Houston Latinx and Asian communities) to counter the lies spread by the HERO haters despite people pleading for you to do so, much less put trans people of color in ads to hit back against the transphobia, nobody in LG World better even part their lips to point a finger of blame at Black Houston when you didn’t do the work to reach out to my community, much less involve the Black LGBT community to do it.

Because if you try it, you will find mine and the Black TBLG community fingers quickly pointing back at you.

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