TX Log Cabin Sellouts Denied A Booth At TX State GOP Convention

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The Texas Log Cabin Sellouts Republicans must feel like Charlie Brown at this point when he tries to kick a football that Lucy is holding.

But like Charlie Brown’s failed attempts to kick that football, the Texas Log Cabin Republicans keep trying and failing . 

What they keep failing at is having a booth at the Texas Republican State Convention.   For the last 20 years they have tried to get that booth, while other GOP party affinity groups get theirs with no problem .The Texas Log Cabin Sellouts keep getting kicked in the teeth and smiling after it happens for the whole world to see.

This time the State Republican Executive Committee debated for two hours before they came up with the inevitable no.   While they had some supporters, they were dwarfed by the faux faith based TBLGQ bigots in the room

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And at that Texas state convention, the Texas Republicans passed a platform that endorses the scientifically debunked reparative therapy for gay people.

Texas and national Log Cabin Republicans, when are you going to leave a party that has made it clear they don’t want you? 

It’s sad and pathetic that you continue to shill for people who continue to do everything possible to oppress this community

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