Two NYC Groups Fundraising To Buy ATLAH Hate Church

Couldn’t happen to a nicer christobigot.   I would love to see the karmic justice of someone buying that hate church and turning it into an LGBT center.-TransGriot, January 29, 2016

The news broke last week that NYC hate pastor James David Manning’s ATLAH World Missionary Church is going to be sold at auction February 24 to satisfy Manning’s unpaid debts.  I floated the comment out there that I hoped that it could be turned into an LGBT center or hoped that an LGBT friendly church would buy the property located at W.123rd St and Malcolm X Blvd .

And lo and behold, guess some peeps were paying attention.  Two groups have emerged to buy the Harlem based church in the Ali Forney Center and the Rivers of Living Water Ministries.  

The Ali Forney Center is dedicated to serving LGBT homeless youth, and ROLW Ministries serves as a radically inclusive faith home for many trans. bisexual, and SGL Christians in the New York area.  Both are running fundraising campaigns in order to attempt to raise the $1.2 million that will be needed to buy the property.

The Ali Forney Center has raised $75K of their $200,000 target in 48 hours to finance their bid for the ATLAH property, while the Rivers of Living Water Ministries has raised as of this writing $19,761 of their $1.2 million in their GoFundMe campaign to buy the Harlem church as well.

Whichever group is successful, the bottom line for me is I hope that a building desecrated by a christobigot purveyor of hate gets a new lease on life as either a church or a community center dedicated to helping the New York LGBT community that Manning once attacked from its pulpit.  

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