TS Separatist Chickens Out Of Debate Wih Cristan

If you believe strongly that your ideas are superior to someone else’s, you should have no problem standing up in any venue to calmly and rationally debate someone with opposing points of view in the glaring light of public scrutiny.

But as radfems and their TS separatist auxiliaries routinely prove, they are incapable of doing that for multiple reasons.

They know deep down in their vanillacentric souls their positions are not only unpopular, they are on the wrong side of the moral arc of the universe and won’t stand up to intense examination.

So they do what any group that’s stuck defending a position based on a quicksand like foundation and a series of loud and wrong talking points does.  

They employ ‘fear and smear’ demonize the opponent tactics.   They use electronic brownshirt tactics worthy of the most seasoned conservative Republican operative.  They comment swarm opponents blogposts.  They lie, shout down and attempt to intimidate anyone who calls their azzes out.  They try to silence anyone who has irrefutable evidence that deconstructs and demolishes their erroneous, loud and wrong talking points they base their whole worldview on. 

And they refuse to debate them.

Like any vanillacentric group with privilege finding themselves being challenged by the marginalized one they terrorize and oppress on a regular basis, they try to flip the script and laughingly claim victim status. 

Cristan Williams has been hard at work along with others in the reality based trans community confronting the lies and compiling the research that has blown up many of the TS separatist talking points they’ve been pimping from their closed corners of the Net.

When they accused her of making it all up, she challenged their spokesmodels to debate her.

Lisa McDonald stepped up and accepted that challenge, but as we in rational trans world suspected would happen eventually weaseled out of the debate that was scheduled for last month. . I’ll let Cristan tell you the rest of the story.

This is all I have to say about itto the TS separatist side.

TransGriot Update:  I struck a nerve in TS sep world with this post.  Lisa sent Cristan a note threatening ‘legal action’.  It only shows the depth of Lisa’s cluelessness and still doesn’t detract from the fact Lisa backed out of a debate she proposed.   And after personally watching Cristan eviscerate our local Reicher Dave Welch on Fox26, I can say with reasonable certainty had Lisa honored her commitment, Cristan would have pwned her too. 

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