Trump Articles of Impeachment Pass House Judiciary Committee

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Early this morning the US House Judiciary Committee on two party line votes, passed both articles of impeachment out of committee.

Article 1, which charged Trump with abuse of power, passed on a 23-17 vote.   Article 2, the one charging trump with obstruction of Congress, also passed by the same 23-17 vote and will be sent to the House floor for a simple majority vote as early as Wednesday.

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That puts Trump one step closer to becoming the third POTUS in US history to be impeached, after Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.

The impeachment articles are highly likely to pass in light of the fact the US House has a Democratic majority.   Once that happens, the proceedings move to the Republican controlled US Senate for a trial that could result in the removal of Trump from office if 67 senators vote for it.

We’ll see if that happens.   But just to bring up this point, there are 22 Republican senators who are up for reelection in 2020 versus just 12 Democratic senators.

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One of those 22 Republicans facing reelection in 2020 is none other than Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)    Other names on the GOP senate reelection list are Susan Collins of Maine, Lindsey Graham in South Carolina, Joni Ernst of Iowa, Martha McSally in Arizona, Cory Gardner in Colorado and John Cornyn in Texas.

Looking forward to seeing the upcoming House debate and seeing Trump get impeached.


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