Trial of Victoria Carmen White’s Alleged Killer Starts Today

Today would have been Victoria Carmen White’s 30th birthday, but unfortunately she’s not around to celebrate it because of the actions of Alrashim Chambers, the man who is alleged to have killed her in September 2010 

Chambers trial will start today in Newark and he facing murder, weapons and bias intimidation charges as this trial gets underway.  If he is convicted he faces life in prison.

White was shot by Chambers multiple times in her Maplewood, NJ home after meeting the model at a club in Irvington and discovering she was a transwoman.   The reason you didn’t hear much about the Victoria Carmen White case is because it was blown off the news pages by the subsequent suicide of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi and the massive news coverage that followed it.

One of the star prosecution witnesses besides the two women that were in White’s home in different rooms and heard the shots and the transphobic comments aimed at White is Marquise Foster.   He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for his testimony in this trial.

Will be keeping an eye on this case along with Victoria Carmen White’s friends and family.   Might be a wonderful gesture for you transpeeps in the Newark and NYC area to show up at the Essex County courthouse and pack the courtroom in solidarity with her family.

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