Transphobic Survey Question On Family Feud?

Had one of my readers e-mail me a notice about a recent episode of Family Feud they were watching in which the following survey question was asked:

“We surveyed 100 men and asked this question, “How do you know when the woman you are kissing is really a man?”

The person watching it was so stunned to hear it unfortunately she didn’t note the date, and time the particular episode of Family Feud aired on the syndicated station in her locale.

But you can probably guess the levels of stereotyping and transphobic comments that ensued after that question was read by host Steve Harvey.

Since I haven’t seen the episode in question, I’m looking for video to ascertain how bad it was.  I was told the show in question aired earlier this month. 

If you find it, send me a link to it and I’ll forward it to GLAAD. 

TransGriot Note:  Received an e-mail from Cheryl Courtney-Evans who happened to see it and says it aired during the week of November 14-18.   Lovely, just before TDOR which makes this even more odious.

1 thought on “Transphobic Survey Question On Family Feud?”

  1. This kind of stereotyping and prejudice never gets old. I hope the makers of the survey questions just ran out of ideas and that they did not mean to make borderline negative comments. This survey topic is rather offensive. Seriously, when will this stop?

    -Clark Adams

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