Transphobic Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is The GOP

This was an interesting point that i was pondering as I watched last night’s debate.

The GOP and conservative movement has been attacking transpeople for over a year in the wake of their marriage equality loss and needing another marginalize group to demonize for their nefarious political purposes.

We even have Republican attorney generals fighting the federal government so they can continue to be on the wrong side of history and oppress trans children.
But this 2016  presidential campaign has revealed they have a real life molester as their presidential nominee, and not a word has come out of their mouths condemning it.

The cricket chirping silence has been most deafening from white fundamentalists who crave power and their desire to oppress people over what is morally correct.

Their religion is the ‘dry as dust’ religion that Dr King talked about

Can’t wait for October 24 to get here.   What’s that date you ask?   The first day of early voting in Texas.

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