Transphobia On The UH Campus?

Here’s another example of why HERO is needed and necessary to combat discrimination in the city of Houston, and sadly it is on the campus of my alma mater, the University of Houston.

And it’s also what happens when anti-trans attitudes are allowed to run unchecked in local media. They eventually filter down to the rest of the ignorati and start becoming microaggressive problems for Trans World and trans people just trying to get through their lives without drama.

Was reported to me by one of my on campus sources Monday night that this handmade sign was hanging on the ladies restroom door in the Tealicious restaurant in irony of ironies, the UH Welcome Center.

Glissette Santana, the editor in chief of the Daily Cougar took a news team to the restaurant to check out reports concerning the alleged transphobic sign, the Tealicious management claimed the sign was in response to the broken single stall men’s toilet.

Yeah right.   If you only have one functioning bathroom of a dual set of binary gendered potties, it would stand to reason the remaining operational toilet becomes by default a gender neutral restroom.  There is no need to post a jacked up sign like this unless you are harboring transphobic tendencies in the first place and wish to just be a transphobic jerk about it..

Something about this doesn’t smell right, and I’m not talking about the stench from the allegedly stopped up men’s bathroom at Tealicious.

TransGriot Update:  My source at UH has advised me that the transphobic sign has been taken down

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