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An MKR poem (photo credit-Rebecca Jackson)

I believe Black trans men and Black trans women are indivisible

It hurt to hear you say you feel invisible

It’s something you’ve been saying and it’s nothing new


Black trans men exist, that’s no lie

It’s a fact no one can deny

You face anti-trans violence on your trans journey

And deal with unique issues we’re just beginning to see

Brothers like Marcelle, Alexander and Kylar paved the way

You’re trailblazing kings we see every day

Brother Carter who is unapologetically Black

Had the vision to found what became BTAC 

Acknowledging more transmasculine history

James McHarris and Wilmer Broadnax on our trans family tree

Shedding tears for too soon departed sons

Like the amazing Blake Brockington 

Can’t forget the brothers who are nondisclosed

They keep me on point and on my activist toes

My trans military brothers on foreign shores

Fighting for freedom, mine and yours

Kortney blazing trails in movies and high tech

Dezjorn and Laith ripping runways among other projects

You’re husbands, businessmen, gentlemen and scholars

So proud of you transmen it makes we wanna holler

I see you transmen running for political seats

Trying to become the next Phillipe

Snatch those seats at the political table

And run trans brothers run as soon as you’re able

Can’t forget the trans brothers that I’m increasingly seeing,

In Africa, Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean

While we share these connections across the Diaspora, too

Your unique stories are what we need to hear from you

Some of y’all are nonbinary

Chill out peeps, that concept isn’t that scary

All it means is they don’t wanna be

Tied to simply using the pronoun he

Time for me end this poetic ‘ejumacation’

And show some love for my transbrothers across the nation

Your sisters all have mad love for you

#TransmenWeSeeYou AndHearU

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