African Descended Trans Heroes and Sheroes

October is TBLG History month, and I decided to to make sure that the ‘T’ end of the GLBT community was capitalized and not ignored.   One of the other things the TransGriot can promise will happen is that the contributions of trans people of color aren’t erased from this TBLG history month observance.

This blog will be highlighting our trans history, and just to get this chocolate history party started I’m going to take you back to 2007.

A discussion got started on the TGV Advocacy Yahoo Trans discussion list about trans community heroes and sheroes.  A list was compiled of of those trans heroes and sheroes that I pointed out was rather thin on transpeople of color.  

Of course you know my motto when it comes to this community: If you want something done right and don’t want to see POC’s getting erased, better do the damned thing yourself. 

So what I did at the time was got to my  Transsistahs-Transbrothas List which was comprised of African descended people from around the country  and had them help me put together an initial list of our trans African descended heroes and sheroes who are living and deceased.

I’ve added to it since 2007 as I’ve become aware of people and the work they’ve done, and this is a work in progress.  And yes, added myself to it at the bottom of the list.

If there are people that you think need to be added to this list, let me know in the comments section..

The African Descended Trans Heroes and Sheroes List:

Justina Williams

Dawn Wilson

Tyra Hunter

Dr. Marisa Richmond

Alexander John Goodrum

Roberta Angela Dee

Miss Major

Sharon Davis

Tracy Jada O’Brien

Earline Budd

Jordana LeSesne

Valerie Spencer

Avon Wilson

Kylar Broadus

Rev. Joshua Holiday

DJ Miss Honey Dijon

James ‘Sweet Evening Breeze’ Herndon

Zion Johnson

The Lady Chablis

Tommie Ross

Sharyn Grayson

Stasha Sanchez

Cookie LaCook

Octavia St. Laurent

Marcelle Cook-Daniels

Kiana Moore

Sandy Rawls

Dee Dee Chamblee

Tracee McDaniel

Danielle King

Cheryl Courtney-Evans

Isis King

Laverne Cox

Lady Java

Lucy Hicks Anderson

A Dionne Stallworth

Helena Bushong

Lorrainne Sade Baskerville

Sharon Franklin Brown

Cydne Kimbrough

Katey Red

Jaila Simms


Alyras De Cygne

Kye Allums

Gloria Allen

Rev. Louis Mitchell 

Domanique Shappelle

Tracy Bumphus

Imani Henry

Dana DeAnda Turner

Janet Mock

Monica Roberts

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