TransGriot’s NFL Picks-Week 8

I’m in a great mood as we hit the midpoint of the 2011 NFL schedule and it’s not because the trans national holiday AKA Halloween is tomorrow.

My hometown NFL franchise is in first place in the AFC South Division after beating the Tennessee Traitors in Nashville and I made up a game on Michael Watts in our season long pigskin prognostication competition.

There’s also another regular season NFL international game on the schedule as the Buffalo Bills head up the QEW to Toronto to play the Washington Redskins at Rogers Centre.  The Bills have yet to win one of these NFL games on Canadian soil but this might be the year they break through and finally win one in the Stadium Formerly Known As SkyDome. 

Life is good and would have been even better had Tampa Bay pulled out their game in London against Da Bears and Detroit did the same against Atlanta.

And wish Baltimore had been that pathetic on offense against the Texans last week as they were in that Monday night game against the Jaguars.

But it’s going to get even better because NFL Week 8 awaits, and I’m going to do my best to get my elusive perfect week. 

The teams on bye weeks are the Atlanta Falcons, the Chicago Bears, the undefeated Green Bay Packers, the New York Jets, the Oakland Raiders and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so once again I only have to pick 13 games. 

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph I made up a game on Michael Watts, whose Week 8 picks are here and it’s time to keep the pressure on.   I went 8-5 in Week 7 and I have been in that 8-5 rut for three weeks.  I need to get out of it and to break it I’ve got to do a better job picking the early games.

Let’s get started doing that shall we?   Y’all know the drill.   Team I’m picking to win is on the left, home team is in bold print.      

Week 7 record 8-5

TransGriot Season Record  64-39

Week 8

Sunday, October 30

12 Noon Games

Tennessee over Indianapolis

Houston over Jacksonville

Baltimore over Arizona

NY Giants over Miami

Carolina over Minnesota

New Orleans over St Louis

3 PM Games

Buffalo over Washington

Detroit over Denver

San Francisco over Cleveland

Cincinnati over Seattle

Pittsburgh over New England 

Sunday Night Game

Philadelphia over Dallas 

Monday, October 31

San Diego over Kansas City

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