TransGriot’s NFL Picks-Week 5

October is NFL ‘A Crucial Catch’ month.  

The NFL has partnered with the American Cancer Society in this second annual event they expanded this year to the entire month of October.

That’s why you’re seeing an explosion of pink on game days.  NFL cheerleaders are wearing pink uniforms and carrying pink pompoms, and the players are sporting pink items or stuff with hints of pink in them such as uniform gloves, shoes, hats, wristbands and even the eye black strips.   The game balls this month will have the NFL logo with the pink ribbon, and the referees will be sporting pink whistles.  

They are doing it not only to promote awareness of early screening for breast cancer for women over 40, but raise money to fight the disease.

By the way fellas, women do watch NFL games, and in some cases can break them down, recite the history and stats and dissect strategy and tactics better than you can.

Juts thought I’d point that out to ‘the menz’ that I’ve heard in some quarters of the Net complaining about the level of pink that has shown up in their NFL telecasts.  

The auctioning of the pink items worn in last season’s weekend of breast cancer awareness games raised over a million dollars for the American Cancer Society, which is one reason why the campaign was extended to a month in addition to the widespread support this issue has from NFL players.

Now that you’re aware of the reason you saw and will continue to see the explosion of pink on NFL gridirons for the rest of this month, let’s get to the football ‘bidness’ of this post.    I rebounded from last week’s awful (for me) 8-8 record to go 11-5 in Week 4.  Would have done better had it not been for the Cowboys and Eagles blowing big leads and Cincy upsetting Buffalo.  Minnesota-KC was a toss up between two 0-3 squads and I don’t know what I was thinking in terms of the Baltimore-NY Jets game.  

I’m happy anytime I have double digit wins and my season record despite the 8-8 week is not bad.  I’m still shooting for that perfect week, especially since Mr. Watts has a lead on me right now.

We’re also starting to have teams get bye weeks, and this week Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas (they need it), Miami (so do they) St. Louis and Washington all get to chill and watch everybody else play.  That also means instead of the usual sixteen games on the schedule there are only thirteen this week.

No pressure.    Mike’s Week 5 picks are here.

Okay, let’s get busy.  Y’all know the drill.  Team I’m picking is to the left, home team in bold print.

Week 4 Record 11-5

TransGriot season record 40-24

Week 5

Sunday, October 9

12 Noon games

New Orleans over Carolina

Buffalo over Philadelphia

Cincinnati over Jacksonville

NY Giants over Seattle

Tennessee over Pittsburgh

Houston over Oakland

Indianapolis over Kansas City

Minnesota over Arizona

3 PM Games

Tampa Bay over San Francisco

San Diego over Denver

New England over NY Jets

Sunday Night game

Green Bay over Atlanta

Monday, October 10

Detroit over Chicago

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