TransGriot Texas Democratic Party Runoff Endorsement Post

The Texas runoff elections that were scheduled for May were delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but we still have the important task of  selecting who will make it to the November 3 ballot.   

Early voting for the July 14 runoff election starts tomorrow June 29 and runs through July 10, so that means it’s time for moi to do the endorsement post for the upcoming primary

I’ve been made aware by several people in our local trans community that they use my endorsement posts as a guide to help them decide who will get their precious votes when they step in the booth to cast their  ballots. 

No pressure.   These endorsements are made with the thought in mind on what candidate will be the best  for our state, our country, and for advancing the human rights of the trans community.

I looked at the endorsements of various groups like the Houston GLBT Caucus, H-BAD, Stonewall Dems in various cities just to name a few.   I talked to trans folks who pay attention to politics in various Texas cities  to come up with these endorsements.

Like I said, I take this seriously.

For you Republicans who ask me why I don’t do them for the Texas Republican primary, it’s because your party has made it clear they wish to oppress trans people and you hate Black lives   

And before you open your mouths to protest, check your party platform and the anti-trans planks it has in it. 

Just like the March primary, if you are a resident of Harris County you can vote at any election center within the boundaries of our county.  That’s also the case in the other 253 counties in this state.

If you need to check to see if you are registered to vote in this runoff election , you can check your registration or register to vote at this link. 

Dallas County, TX Elections

You have until October 5 to register for the 2020 Presidential election taking place on November 3.   So if you aren’t registered for this primary runoff one, you have time to bust a move and handle your electoral business so that you can cast you ballots from POTUS to dog catcher on November 3 . 

And now, the 2020 Texas Democratic Primary Runoff Election Endorsements!

US Senate

Royce West

US House 

District 3- Lulu Seikaly

District 10- Mike Siegel   

District 13- Greg Sagan

District 17- David Anthony Jaramillo

District 24- Candace Valenzuela 

District 31-  Donna Imam

Texas Railroad Commissioner

Chrysta Castaneda

Texas State Board Of Education 

District 6- Michelle Palmer

Texas SenateDistrict 19-  Roland Gutierrez

District 27- Sara Stapleton Barrera

Texas House

District 26- L Sarah DeMerchant 

District 67-  No Endorsement

District 100- Jasmine Crockett

District 119- Jennifer Ramos

District 138- Akilah Bacy

District 142– Jerry Davis
District 148- Penny Morales Shaw 

Justice 14th Court of Appeals

Place 7- Cheri Thomas 

District Judge

164th Judicial District – Cheryl Elliott Thornton

339th Judicial District- Te’iva Bell

505th Judicial District– Surendran Patel


Harris County Commissioner

Precinct 3- Diana Martinez Alexander

Harris County Constable

Precinct 2- Jerry Garcia

Precinct 5- Mark Alan Harrison

Fort Bend County Commissioner

Precinct 1- Jennifer Cantu 

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