TransGriot Ten Questions Interview Links

In order to accomplish my mission of documenting our chocolate trans history and history makers, I started a feature called the TransGriot Ten Questions Interview.  

What I envision and hope to accomplish is that I want to on a regular basis talk to people inside our community.   I ask them ten questions that they can answer as short or as long as they wish on various subjects of interest to our trans community.   I also want a mix of African descended trans people. I’m wanting in these Ten Questions segments to talk to our up and
coming leaders, opinion shapers, artists, thinkers, icons and
interesting personalities who are molding and shaping our chocolate
trans world.  

These are the initial ones I’ve already done, and there will be more to come.

TransGriot Ten Question Interview-Tona Brown 

TransGriot Ten Questions Interview-Rev. Joshua Holiday

TransGriot Ten Questions Interview-Sharyn Grayson

TransGriot Ten Questions Interview-Kylar Broadus

TransGriot  Ten Questions Interview-Antonia D’orsay

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