TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards- Black Friday 2018 Edition

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It’s Black Friday, and hordes of shoppers are working off those post-Thanksgiving calories swarming the malls and strip shopping centers of America ready to trample and beat up their fellow Americans in search of Christmas shopping deals and deeply discounted bargains. 

And it’s one thing I definitely don’t miss about being in retail.

I know y’all have missed my Shut Up Fool Award posts.  You have told me so as I have been out and about.  I stopped doing them for awhile because I was living a stress filled nomadic life for two months as I was trying to get settled in the wake of moving into my new place. 

It was also because as our Shut Up Fool inspiration, Mr T says, ‘Fools are everywhere!’  The number of fools showing their azzes in the Trump misadminstration, the GOP, the evilgelicals, conservafool movement and internationally during that time was getting so overwhelming I had to take a break from it because I had enough on my plate.

But to the consternation of fools everywhere and your reading pleasure, I’m rested and ready to call the fools out.

This week’s winner is embattled US Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Confederacy Mississippi)

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She has turned what should have been an easy re -election runoff race between her and former congressman and Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy into one eerily replicating for Republicans what happened in neighboring Alabama.

And Mississippi, FYI, has a larger Black population than Alabama does.

She has made comments at a Tupelo event about ‘being on the front row of a public hanging’, and being in favor of suppressing the votes of people and Black college students.

Hyde-Smith is now complaining that the ‘Democrats are tuning my words into a political weapon to be used against me.”

You damned skippy they are since you were clueless enough to say them.

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That’s before I even get to the picture she took at Jefferson Davis’ house in Biloxi wearing a Confederate soldiers cap and standing next to someone who is a member of an SPLC-certified hate group.

She has returned contributions from Walmart ($2000), Google ($5000) and $2700 from a Seattle businessman accused of discriminating against Muslims.

As Mike Espy said during the debate, “We don’t know what’s in your heart, but we all know what came out of your mouth.” 

Yeah, we do Confederate boo boo kitty.   You flapped those lips and let the dog whistle hate speech flow.  If you didn’t want your word to become a campaign issue, should’ve kept them to yourself

Hope you lose on the 27th.

Cindy Hyde-Smith, shut up conservafool!

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