TransGriot PervWatch- The Tennessee GOP Sexual Harasser

Jeremy Durham (YouTube/screen grab)

As we’ve noted on these electronic pages and elsewhere on the Net, there has been a GOP legislative attack on the trans community spread across several states in reaction to their pissivity over the Obergefell SCOTUS ruling.

In Tennessee, the attack on transpeople legislation has been co-sponsored by state Rep. Jeremy Durham (R-Franklin), who has pimped the debunked lie that cisgender men would ‘pretend’ to be transgender in order to gain access to the women’s bathroom.

Well, it turns out that the Tennessee GOP would be better off passing laws to protect women from Rep Durham and his like minded harassers..

635785191891780558-Herbert-Slatery-Shelley-Mays-2Rep. Durham, who is one of the co-sponsors of the unjust HB 2414 has been accused of harassing 34 women, and was declared by Attorney General Herbert Slatery III  (R) in a warning he issued after investigating the complaints to be “a continuing risk to unsuspecting women who are employed by or interact with the legislature.”.  

“With few exceptions, the women who related incidents felt they could not report Representative Durham’s behavior because nothing could be done and they didn’t want to lose their jobs or be considered ‘untrustworthy’ by employers, clients or legislators,” said AG Slatery

In response to the warning from the Attorney General,  Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell (R-Nashville) had the trans oppressor exiled from his office in the War Memorial Building, moved to the first floor of the Rachel Jackson Building and limited his access to the Legislative Plaza, the second floor of the state capitol building and those buildings for ‘official legislative business only’.

Durham has resigned from his positions as the House majority whip and in the Republican legislative caucus, and will be the only legislator with an office in the Rachel Jackson Building.  There have been bipartisan calls for his resignation which he has ignored, so it will be up to his district to decide in November if they want to be continued to be represented by a sexual harasser.

But this is just another example of what we have been saying in Trans World.   Those who have been squawking the loudest in pushing for these unjust laws aimed at the trans community and repeating the lie about phantom trans sexual predators to get them passed have turned out to be as they are investigated the real sexual predators.  

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