TransGriot Perv Watch- Oklahoma Perv Arrested For Stealing Sorority Girls Panties

A jail deputy discovered that Randell Ashton, 41, was wearing panties a sorority member said had been taken from her room, Edmond police said.

The trans community is beyond sick and tired of being slimed as predators and perverts by predominately white conservatives and their GOP friends who are launching legislative attacks on trans people in various states based on those lies.

So as a TransGriot public service, I’m going to start writing tracking posts highlighting who the real pervs and predators are who are preying on cis women.  I also want to document and drive home the point they are cis men, not trans women, and the ‘menz’ when they are busted for their BS ain’t wearing wigs, heels or dresses when they commit these crimes.

They also overwhelmingly look like the GOP conservafools proposing these anti-trans laws and spreading anti-trans hate.

Our first perv watch dispatch comes from Oklahoma, where Sally Kern is spreading her special brand of anti-LGBT hate again and the Republican controlled state legislature hasfiled a record 26 anti-LGBT bills.

But back to this TransGriot Perv Watch post, Oklahoma style.

While this may sound like a fraternity prank, unfortunately it isn’t.  41 year old Randall Scott Ashton was arrested for sneaking into an unlocked window at the Alpha Delta Pi sorority house on the University of Central Oklahoma campus in Edmond, OK and stealing the girls panties.

One of the girls awoke at 2 AM to the horrifying discovery of Ashton sitting on the edge of her bed and police were called.   They found porn magazines in his car and one on the balcony of the sorority house.  Fortunately none of the seven girls in the Alpha Delta Pi house at the time were hurt or assaulted.

When Edmond police took his behind to jail, they discovered at some point the perv had put on and was wearing a pair of the pilfered sorority panties.   They also discovered that Ashton fit the description of a man who had dropped his pants at a local grocery store three hours earlier,

Ashton has been charged with one count of first degree burglary for the stolen sorority panties, and another count of indecent exposure.  Bail has been set at $20,000..

And once again, the perp wasn’t in drag or a member of our community, transphobic Oklahoma GOP legislators. when he committed his crimes.

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