TransGriot Nuke A Troll 28-Gold Medal Olympic Troll Nuking

Since we are less than a few days from the start of the London Olympic games, decided to hold off on eviscerating this troll properly until now. 

Deena wrote this comment on the Andreas Krieger post I put up in reaction to my comment introducing the New York Times article I linked to

i think it’s unfair that you make it into a race thing. the big difference between the east german athletes doped during those days and the marion jones controversy is that she KNOWINGLY took drugs to enhance her performance. the east german athletes had no idea. in many cases, they received oral-turinabol and other testosterone-laced drugs in their early adolescence and continuing during their teenage years. this was systematic abuse of trust and they had no idea what was being done with them. this is why the medals are not being taken away or the records erased. those athletes were innocent victims. marion jones was NOT.

on another note, i’m glad i found your blog! it’s definitely a great site and an important one.


It’s a race thing Deena because the IOC not only took away Ben Johnson’s medal in 1988 and Marion Jones’ 2000 Olympic medals, they took away the medals of three American women on the 4×100 relay team she ran with who weren’t taking drugs and had no knowledge of what Jones was doing, but punished them anyway.   

So Deena, the question I asked is a valid one.  Why is the IOC not snatching up the medals of every East German athlete, but has no problem taking them away from athletes of color? 

It doesn’t matter if the East German athletes knew, didn’t know or ignored the signs they were part of State Plan 14.25, the massive state-sponsored doping program.  The bottom line is that state sponsored cheating happened to help them get those medals and knowledge of that program extended to the highest levels of the East German government and sporting apparatus. .

There is no fracking way the East Germans went from their pedestrian performances in Munich in 1972 to a near domination of the pool in Montreal a mere four years later without somebody suspecting that something was amiss.  People in the international sporting world in the 70’s and 80’s either knew or suspected it..

Shirley Babashoff and others called out the East German wundermadschen swimmers about the overly muscular bodies and deep voices and were vilified for it until the truth came out after the Wall fell and reunification happened in 1990. 

The IOC has already set the precedent in taking away the medals of everybody Marion Jones was involved with in the 4X100 meter race.  Fair is fair, the same standard needs to be applied to former East German athletes and their medals need to be taken away and given to the persons who really won them..   .

Or in your vanillacentric privileged mind does that standard only apply for non-white North American athletes?

Umm hmm. 

Duck and cover fool, and don’t look at the flash when the troll nuke explodes. 

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