TransGriot Nuke A Troll 25-Blasting A Brittney Basher

Well, didn’t take long for the USS Monica to hit the cyberseas again in her never ending quest to drop 50 megatons of knowledge on the conservaignorant and straight up stuck on stupid peeps who surf over here on occasion

Today’s troll nuking target is Fred Labow, who tried to post this comment on a March 2009 post I’d written about Brittney Griner that my spam filter caught mere hours after I wrote a post blasting people who are misgendering her

Brittney Griner is a guy and shouldnt be allowed to play womens sports,
You can pretend if you want to, be P.C. if you want, BUT this is a MAN,

5…4…3…2…1  launch.

And you Fred can pretend to be a human being but you’re still a transphobic bigot.

Obviously to everybody except you, Brittney Griner presents as and is female.  She has had no problem or issue with the NCAA competing in the women’s ranks for the last three years and when she was slam dunking her way through the Texas girls high school ranks didn’t have any problems with the UIL, the governing body of Texas high sports either.  

I’m also looking forward to seeing Brittney help lead Team USA to a fifth consecutive women’s basketball gold medal when the London Olympic Games commence in a few months.

And oh BTW, the International Olympic Committee and the NCAA allow transwomen to compete in women’s sports.

What, you jealous because your pitifully inadequate self can’t measure up to Brittney not only in tems of her off the charts basketball prowess, but being a wonderful fun loving human being as well?    You mad because she  and her Baylor teammates beat one of your fave schools?  

Waah, my bleeding liberal heart has zero sympathy for you, especially when you’re disrespecting one of my Houston homegirls.

This is also another example of the ‘unwoman’ memebeing deployed against African-American women by the vanillacentric culture, the bigoted, and the conservaignorant..

As I have said before, who died and made you a member of the Femininity Police?   Brittney is not trans and can’t help the fact she’s 6’8″.  She’s dealing with it and evolving into the type of woman she wants to project to the world.   She just happens to also have mad basketball skills that are redefining how the women’s game is played.  

If you don’t like that, too damned bad. 

I’ve already wasted enough bandwith on your ignorance, now it’s time for the troll nuke to do its work  

Duck and cover you ignorant fool, and don’t look at the flash when the troll nuke goes off.  

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