TransGriot Named One Of 8 Houston Women To Watch On Social Media

It’s pop my collar time

Wasn’t expecting this honor to happen for me, but I and TransGriot was named by Houstonia magazine as one of the 8 Houston Women To Watch on Social Media. 

I do have 14K earned followers on my Twitter feed, and my 12 year old blog has had over 6.5million people surf to it since I started it in 2006. 

Thank you TransGriot readers for doing so for all these years, for sharing my posts and for making me the go to blog when it comes to Texas political commentary.

I don’t mind calling crap out on national stuff either, but that’s another post for another time, and I definitely don’t have a problem calling it as I see it inside and outside my community. 

Thanks Houstonia magazine for the honor, and to my new readers, who surfed by as a result of that article, welcome to my cyberhome. 

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