TransGriot Milestone Hit Posts

As much as I enjoy compiling and writing the posts you love to read at TransGriot, I also marvel at how fast it has grown to become the award winning place it is today. 

I remember how shocked I was to discover on the January 17, 2007 King Day I finally installed the hit counter on this blog I had 400 people a day reading it.   Now I get those numbers in less than two hours and consider it a disappointing day if I don’t get at least 4000 people a day visiting it. 

One of the things I like doing is when I hit blogging milestones, I not only celebrate and mark the occasion with a post so I have a historical record of the day and time I accomplished that feat, I jot my thoughts down at that particular moment as well.  

I started the blog on January 1, 2006 and note it took me 38 months to get to 500,000 hits.  After that it’s taking me mere months to hit these milestones.    

500,000 hits  March 1, 2009

1 million hits   December 10, 2009

1.5 million hits  August 27, 2010

2 million hits  January 28, 2011

2.5 million hits  June 1, 2011

3 million hits  October 27, 2011

But one of the undeniable facts is that without you readers coming by on a regular basis,  I couldn’t do it without you.  And if you really like what I do here on these electronic pages, feel free to drop some bills in the TransGriot Tip Jar in the upper left hand margin.

Thank you for stopping by TransGriot, and on to the next milestone.

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