TransGriot Houston Area Texas Primary Endorsements

Early voting for the Texas primary elections starts on Monday and runs until March 2, with the primary election itself on March 6.    To help you TransGriot Texas readers out, it’s time for me to announce the folks that I am endorsing for various races in the Democratic primary

I went through the Big 4 endorsements, plus my own observations about some of the candidates to come up with this list.   May be adding to it over the next few days until the start of early voting.     

Governor- Lupe Valdez 

Lt Governor- Mike Collier

US Senate- Beto O’Rourke

US House District 2- Todd Litton 

US House District 7- Laura Moser 

US House District 10- Madeline K. Eden

US House District 14- Adrienne Bell

US House District 18- Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee 

US House District 22- Sri Preston Kulkami

US House District 29– Sen. Sylvia R. Garcia  

US House District 36- Dayna Steele

GLO Commissioner- Tex Morgan

State Board of Education #4  Lawrence Allen 

TX State Senate 15- SenJohn Whitmire

TX State Senate 17- Fran Watson 

TX House 27- Rep. Ron Reynolds

TX House 28- Megan Scoggins

TX House 29- Dylan Forbis

TX House 126-Natali Hurtado

TX House 133- Sandra G. Moore 

TX House 134- Allison Sawyer

TX House 138- Adam Milasincic

TX House 139- Randy Bates

TX House 142- No Endorsement

TX House 146- RepShawn Nicole Thierry

TX House 147- RepGarnet Coleman

TX 14th Court of Appeal #3 – Jerry Zimmerer 

TX 14th Court of Appeals #8-  Margaret Meg’ Poissant

55th Civil District Court- Latosha Lewis Payne 

113th Civil District Court- Rabeea Collier

185th Civil District Court- Jason Luong

188th Civil District Court – Scot ‘Doll’ Dollinger

234th Civil District Court – Lauren Reeder

269th Civil District Court- Shampa Mukerji

281st Civil District Court- George Arnold

246th Family District Court – Angela Graves-Harrington

280th Family District Court – Barbara J. Stalder

309th Family District Court – Linda Marie Dunson

313th Family District Court – Natalia Oakes

County Criminal Court #2 – Harold J. Landreneau

County Criminal Court #5 – David M. Fleischer

County Criminal Court #7 – Andrew A. Wright

County Criminal Court #11 – Gus Saper

County Criminal Court #12 – Juan J. Aguirre

County Criminal Court #13 – Raul Rodriguez

County Criminal Court #15 – Kris Ougrah

County Probate Court #2 – Jim L. Peacock

County Probate Court #4 – James Horwitz

County Civil Court at Law #2 – Jim Kovach

Harris County District Clerk – Marilyn Burgess

Harris County Clerk – Diane Trautman

County Treasurer – Dylan Osborne

Harris County Commissioner #2 – Adrian Garcia

Harris County Commissioner #4 – Penny Shaw

Harris County Justice of the Peace Pr 3, #2 – Don Coffey

Harris County Justice of the Peace Pr 7, #2 – Audrie Lawton

County School Trustee At Large #3 – Elvonte Patton

County School Trustee Pos 6, Pct 1 – Danyahel (Danny) Norris

Other Texas Democratic Primary races I’m endorsing
US House District 27-Vanessa Edwards Foster 
TX House 62- Valerie Hefner    

TX House 75- Rep. Mary Gonzalez

TX House 94-Finnigan Jones   

TX House 123–  Rep. Diego Bernal

Texas Supreme Court Place #2– Steve Kirkland

116th Civil District Court- Tonya Parker

Williamson County Justice of the Peace Pct 4  Stacy Hackenberg

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