TransGriot April Fool’s Day Posts

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One of the traditions I have on TransGriot is to do a satirical or prank post on April Fool’s Day.

Because we have had an ongoing April Fool’s joke desecrating the Oval Office since January 2017, I hadn’t been doing April Fool’s Day spoof posts since then..   

Until this year..

Now what I will do is link to some of my April Fool’s Day TransGriot Greatest Hits from my archive and let you enjoy those.

TransGriot To Debate Cathy Brennan At Smith College

RuPaul Hospitalized After Being D’R’O’P. Squaded 

I’m Sellin’ Out 

I’m Joining HRC 

Drop Squad Strikes Again- Jimi Izreal Targeted

I’m Joining The NCTE Board 

Dan Savage To Transition

I’m Joining The TS Separatist Ranks 

Moni’s Going On CNN

Moving To Washington DC 

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