TransGriot 2018 NFL Picks- Week 12

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Ugh, had my second losing week of the season after being on the wrong side of several close games and that Rams-Chiefs shootout in LA

At least the Texans won their seventh straight game and will go for their eighth consecutive win against the despised Tennessee Traitors on Monday night.

It’s Turkey Day, and the games scheduled are anything but turkeys in the Bears-Lions, Cowboys-Washington and Saints-Falcons.

Let me get to my Week 12 picks because I want the stench of that losing week off of me, and once again I’ve frittered away a lead in this season long prognostication contest..

Mike’s Week 12 selections will be here at this link.   Teams I’m picking to win in bold print with HOME team in CAPS.

Week 11 Results                                                        NFL 2018 Season Record

TransGriot   4-9                                                         TransGriot  103-56-2

Mike            7-6                                                         Mike           103-56-2

Thanksgiving Day Games

Bears over LIONS

COWBOYS over Washington

SAINTS over Falcons

Sunday Early Games

EAGLES over Giants

Jaguars over BILLS

PANTHERS over Seahawks

RAVENS over Raiders

49ers over BUCCANEERS

BENGALS over Browns

Patriots over JETS

Sunday Afternoon Games

CHARGERS over Cardinals

Steelers over Broncos

COLTS over Dolphins

Sunday Night Game

VIKINGS over Packers

Monday Night Game

TEXANS over Titans

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