TransGriot 2017 NFL Picks- Week 3

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Houston, looks like we may FINALLY after all these years have a starting NFL caliber quarterback in Deshaun Watson.

We’re about to find out just how good Deshaun is because he gets to go face the defending NFL champion (boo hiss) New England Cheatriots  Patriots in Foxborough.

 And another interesting stat to chew on in  addition to the fact the Texans have not had much success at Gillette Stadium.  Since Belichick took over, no rookie quarterback has ever beaten the Patriots.  They are 5-0 so far against them.

Another note before I move on to this week’s NFL prognostication business.  Rick Smith, please hurry up and sign Duane Brown.

For a moment during NFL Week 2 looked like after the early games were played I was on track to have our contest’s first ever perfect week.   Then the afternoon, Sunday and Monday night were played and I went 3-4 in those games to end up tied with Mr. Watts this week to maintain the slim one game lead I have contest wise. .

So let’s get to this week’s picks  Another 16 games.   Mike’s picks are here.  Team I’m picking to win is in bold print with the home team in CAPS.

Week 2  Results                                                              2017 NFL Season Record  

TransGriot  12-4                                                              TransGriot  22-9

Mike           12-4                                                              Mike           21-10

Thursday Night Game

Rams over 49ERS

Sunday Early Games|

PATRIOTS over Texans

Ravens over JAGUARS

BILLS over Broncos

Steelers over BEARS

PANTHERS over Saints

Buccaneers over VIKINGS

COLTS over Browns

Dolphins over JETS

Falcons over LIONS

EAGLES over Giants

Sunday Afternoon Games

Seahawks over TITANS

Chiefs over CHARGERS

PACKERS over Bengals

Sunday Night Game

Raiders over WASHINGTON

Monday Night Game

Cowboys over CARDINALS

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