TransGriot 2017 NFL Picks – Week 13

In addition to me having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend hanging out with one of my Houston area homegirls for dinner,  I also had a great NFL week 12 to pick up another game on him and get a step closer to my threepeat.

Now the 2017 NFL season moves into December and the homestretch of games that will determine division titles, seedings and home field advantage in the AFC and NFC playoffs.

Thanks to my owner’s racist lack of vision, the only thing the Texans are playing for is draft position in the 2018 NFL draft in Dallas.  The one thing that makes this NFL mediocrity better to deal with it that the Arlington Cowchips are also sucking badly.

Yep, the only teams I dislike more than the Cowchips are the Tennessee Traitors and the New England Cheatriots .

Now that my Two Minute NFL Hate is over, let’s get to my NFL Week 13 picks..    Mike’s picks can be perused here.  Mine will be in bold print with the home team in CAPS.

So let’s get busy.

Week 12 Results                                                               NFL Season Record 

TransGriot   12-4                                                               TransGriot  114-62

Mike            11-5                                                               Mike           109-67

Thursday Night Game

Washington over COWBOYS

Sunday Early Games 

TITANS over Texans

Patriots over BILLS

Chiefs over JETS

DOLPHINS over Broncos

BEARS over 49ers

Lions over RAVENS

Buccaneers over PACKERS

JAGUARS over Colts

Vikings vs Falcons

Sunday Afternoon Games

CHARGERS over Browns


RAIDERS over Giants

SAINTS over Panthers

Sunday Night Game

Eagles over SEAHAWKS

Monday Night Game

Steelers over BENGALS

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