TransGriot 2016 NFL Picks-Week 2

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Picking games during the first week of a new NFL season is always a nerve wracking crapshoot.

Because of all the roster moves, retirements, training camp injuries, suspensions, coaching changes, et cetera, you have no idea until they kick the ball off in the first week’s games whether all those changes helped the teams that executed those moves and made them better, worse or kept them at the same level of 8-8  or 7-9 mediocrity.

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Here in Houston we were quite happy with the outcome of last week’s NFL activity. We were pleased to see something we haven’t witnessed for a long time here in Texans Nation.

What’s that you ask?  A Texans offense with speedy wide receivers like Deandre Hopkins and rookies Will Fuller and Braxton Miller who can stretch the field and cause problems for opposing defenses and a defense with a healthy Jadeveon Clowney playing on the field.

We were also pleased in H-Town to see that the Texans won, and the Tennessee Traitors, Dallas Cowboys, Jacksonville Jaguars and Indianapolis Colts all lost, which means at this early juncture the Texans are for now in first place in the AFC South Division.

Nope, never gonna let it go that the Oilers moved to Nashville.

Back to this week’s prognostication post.

There were a lot of close games during Week 1, many of which I got right.   And thanks to the New York Giants and New England Patriots, my campaign to defend my NFL prognostication title is off to a great start after going 11-5.

But that was last week.  This is Week 2 and have another 16 games to pick   Team I’m selecting to win will be in BOLD print.  Home team is in CAPS.

These are Mike’s Week 2 picks.

2016 NFL Week 1 Results                                     2016 NFL Season Standings

TransGriot 11-5                                                       TransGriot 11-5

Mike            9-7                                                       Mike            9-7

Eli                —                                                        Eli                 —

Thursday Night Game

Jets over BILLS

Sunday Early Games

TEXANS over Chiefs

PANTHERS over 49ers

WASHINGTON over Cowboys

STEELERS over Bengals

GIANTS over Saints

PATRIOTS over Dolphins

LIONS over Titans

Ravens over BROWNS

Sunday Afternoon Games

Seahawks over RAMS

CARDINALS over Buccaneers

CHARGERS over Jaguars

RAIDERS over Falcons

BRONCOS over Colts

Sunday Night Game

Packers over VIKINGS

Monday Night Game

Eagles over BEARS

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