TransGriot 2016 NFL Picks Week 1

I’m in San Francisco as this NFL season kicks off tonight, and my campaign to defend my 2015 NFL prognostication title and become the first repeat champion begins tonight as well.

Last year was my first title since 2012, and it’s ironic I’m here in the wake of 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s decision to not stand during the national anthem that has gotten him vilified by right wingers and  praise from other people including veterans and other activist athletes like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for being a prominent athlete taking a stand for the Black community.

Should be interesting to see what happens when they take on the Los Angeles Rams down the road from me in Santa Clara on Monday night.

NFL_Kickoff_2016_260x146Yep, I said the Los Angeles Rams.  This not only their 80th season since their founding in 1936, they moved back to LA from St Louis in the offseason.  This is their first regular season game as the LA Rams since they bounced for St Louis in 1995.

But back to the fun part.   It’s the opening weekend of the 2016 NFL season and the prognostication contest between me and Mike Watts.   Eli’s unfortunately not competing this year. and both of us wish him a speedy recovery from the health issues that have him sidelined this year.  He will have the opportunity to guest post his thoughts here about how the season’s going and looking forward to doing so when that happens..

We hope and pray you make a speedy recovery and are back tangling with us for NFL prognostication supremacy in 2017.

256 games, 17 weeks, and it all starts with tonight’s Super Bowl 50 rematch between Carolina and the defending NFL champion Denver Broncos.  16 games since all 32 NFL squads are in action.

Teams I’m selecting to win this week are in bold print, home team in CAPS.

Mike’s Week 1 picks here.

Final 2015 Standings

*TransGriot  166-90

Mike               159-97

Eli                   153-103

Thursday Night Game

Panthers over BRONCOS

Sunday Early Games

TEXANS or Bears

FALCONS over Buccaneers

EAGLES over Browns

Packers over JAGUARS

Vikings over TITANS

Bengals over JETS

SAINTS over Raiders

CHIEFS over Chargers

RAVENS over Bills

Sunday Afternoon Games

SEAHAWKS over Dolphins

Giants over COWBOYS

COLTS over Lions

Sunday Night Game

Patriots over CARDINALS

Monday Night Games

Steelers over WASHINGTON

Rams over 49ERS

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