Transform California Launches With LA Rally

Even though we have taken some political hits lately, the overall trend line for the transgender movement here in the US is a positive one.

Another concrete example of the positive trend line for trans human rights is coming out of Los Angeles, where they celebrated on Monday the launch of the Transform California campaign on the steps of LA City Hall.

The Transform California campaign is a joint project of the Transgender Law Center and Equality California with over fifty partner organizations designed to keep the state at the forefront of progressive trans policy and make the Golden State a safe and welcoming place for trans and gender nonconforming people.

“The campaign is really about increasing vital awareness about the role that transgender people play in our society and our communities,” said Transgender Law Center Executive Director Kris Hayashi. “We are workers, educator, business owners, neighbors and family members.”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke and signed a pledge that he would stand up for the rights of trans Californians and stated “Our tax dollars will not fund intolerance here.”

“California and its residents are known around the world for standing up for the values of tolerance and equality,” said Mayor Garcetti. “Trans people should have the freedom to live their lives, to dream, and to plan for the future without worrying about their safety or basic rights. I am proud to add my voice to the broad coalition supporting Transform California, a new step in the march toward full inclusion for our trans brothers and sisters.”

The Transform California campaign also has videos as part of the education campaign component of it designed to tell our stories and counter the blatant lies spread by our right wing opponents.


Hope the Transform California project is successful in its mission to make California better for trans and nonconforming people in the state, and it gets replicated in other places.

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