Trans Woman Wins Holland’s Next Top Model

We watched Isis King attempt to do so on the American version of the show that is ceasing production after 12 years,.but in the Netherlands it’s still on the air and a trans woman has broken through to become the first out trans feminine winner of Holland’s Next Top Model.

Loiza Lamers wins Holland's Next Top Model 2015 (Photo: Twitter/@MarloesCoenen)

20 year old Loiza Lammers initially decided to not disclose her trans status at first, but as the rumors started flying and she secured her spot on the show, she announced she was trans and subsequently began to dominate the competition.

While there have been trans contestants on the other international versions of Top Model who have attempted to win those versions in their nations and failed, Lammers has broken through and along the way to the win became an icon to the Dutch TBLG community..

She won a modeling contract with Touche Models, and hopefully this is the first step to a long and successful career for her.


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