Trans United Fund Is In The #CC17 House!

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One of the major reasons I’m up in Philadelphia for this year’s edition of Creating Change is because I’m on the leadership team for the Trans United Fund.   It’s a now year old multicultural trans led organization that seeks to borrow my sister in the movement Sharon Lettman Hicks of NBJC’s words, Own Our Power.

That’s vital at a pivotal moment in our trans movement’s history in which we not only are the focus of coordinated attacks upon our humanity and human rights by the Republican Party the conservative movement, the TERF’s and fundamentalists, we have predominately gay run orgs that are not responding well to this coordinated attack.   Frankly one of the reasons they haven’t is because they don’t have a large enough cadre of trans people, and especially trans people of color sitting at the leadership tables of their orgs to help them coordinate the strategies that will be successful in beating the right wingers.

It’s past time that we had a diverse, multicultural national trans run and trans led organization like NTAC was when I was part of its founding leadership group in 1999.  It’s a leadership vacuum in our rainbow TBLGQ ranks that TUF seeks to fill by working collectively to develop trans leadership at a national and grassroots level so that we can thrive as a community, not just survive.


Later tonight the TransUnited Fund is hosting from 6:30-8:00 PM  at Philadelphia City Hall in which Andrea Jenkins, Danni Askini Sharron Cooks, DeShanna and Trinity Neal, and some award winning blogger y’all know along with our Emmy Award nominated MC Angelica Ross will be at the United.  Undaunted. Unstoppable  Fight Back 2017!  fundraiser event.

TUF is building trans political power and is needed and necessary at this time and has set a goal of raising $5000 for its needed and increasingly necessary work

Suggested donation is $10, but we’d definitely love to meet you and see as many folks in Room 201 that can attend.   If you can’t you can always take a moment to support Trans United Fund’s work to build trans political power.

Many of us TUF leaders will be out and about during #CC17 to take part in various Creating Change panel discussions and seminars.

Trans United Fund is in the #CC17 house, and we’re glad to be here on behalf of our trans siblings who can’t..

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