Trans Teen Makes Vancouver 50 Most Powerful People List

I keep saying that our trans younglings are going to do some amazing things if just given the opportunity and the chance to live their lives to the best of their ability. In some cases, they are role modeling for their trans elders the courage and leadership it will take to make trans human rights laws, trans acceptance and recognition of our humanity a reality.

More evidence of that is coming from north of the border in Vancouver.


magazine recently published their 15th annual list of the 50 most powerful people in the city. On this list that includes CEO’s, politicians, labor leaders, First Nations leaders. and other movers and shakers in the city, at number 20is 12 year old trans teen Tru Wilson

“I didn’t expect to be on posters and people recognizing me and making a difference for other kids,”says Tru. “I just wanted to be me.”

Tru Wilson, 12, named by Vancouver Magazine as one of the 50 most influential people in the city, has influenced a catholic school to include transgender people.  Arlen Redekop/PNG

But that’s exactly what happened.   Because Tru and her family refused to take no for an answer from the Catholic school  powers that be and pushed for her humanity to be recognized, the successful human rights complaint forced the Vancouver Catholic school system to develop policies for trans students like herself that the Vancouver Public Schools were already working on.

Global TV was also telling their story at the time, and since that successfully mediated BC human rights complaint Tru has continued speaking out about transgender issues with a bigger goal in mind.

What’s that goal?   To have a chat with new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about getting trams people’s human rights ensconced into federal law in the Great White North.

Congrats Tru!  So proud of you and looking forward to seeing if you get to have that meeting with not only Premier Christy Clark in your home province of British Columbia, but the one with PM Trudeau as well.

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