Trans Houstonians Go To Church At Second Baptist


One of the most vocal and transphobic opponents of HERO was Rev Ed Young, the senior pastor of the Second Baptist megachurch in West Houston who preached more than a few anti-trans hate sermons during that battle and violated the Ninth Commandment about the what the ordinance actually does.

And he was hypocritically preaching anti-trans hate while one of his former youth ministers was being sentenced for child molestation.

In the wake of that loss, Melissa Murry decided to organize a protest at the west side megachurch.   Instead of the confrontational approach some folks wished to do, Murry’s idea was to simply get dressed up and attend the 11:11 AM Advent service, and let the media know about it.

A dozen trans people and allies decided to attend yesterday’s service including longtime advocate Ray Hill who agreed with Murry’s concept for the protest.

Hill told 11News he hoped that by giving churchgoers a chance to meet him and his friends.”they would be less vociferous and less apt to tell the bathroom hoax lie.”

I doubt it, but since this is the Christmas season, there’s always hope for a miracle.

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