Trans Community Things To Look Forward To In 2017

We are in Day 1 of the 365 that will make up 2017, and since we are in the afterglow (or getting over hangovers) from the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

2016 is starting to fade into the historical rearview mirror, and it was as we all know a presidential election year in which the result wasn’t one that we liberal progressives would have liked.

We are also not looking forward to seeing when a certain reprehensible orange tanned idiot get inaugurated on January 20.

There’s also the upcoming April SCOTUS arguments in the Grimm vs Gloucester County case that will either turn out to be a huge win for transkind or a SCOTUS case negatively affecting out humanity and human rights like the odious 1857 Dred Scott v Sandford one for years to come..

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But there are things in Trans World that we will get to look forward to that are positive.  For starters, the emergence of trans people of color that started two years ago will continue.

We’ll also continue to see our trans kids get positive media coverage to the consternation of the right wing haters and their ignorati.

Personally in a matter of days I will have the 6.5 millionth visitor peruse my as of today 11 year old blog    In addition to seeing Amiyah Scott make television history on our television screens on the FOX show Star, we’ll finally get to see Laverne Cox playing trans feminine attorney Cameron Wirth on the CBS legal drama Doubt on February 15.

We’ll also have conferences like the Black Trans Advocacy one in Dallas April 24-30 and Philly Trans Health Conference  now taking place September 7-9 instead of its traditional early June date.

And as always, there will be stuff that happens in Trans World we didn’t expect that will,be a pleasant surprise for us over the next 365 days.

2017 is here.  We just have to deal with it and all the challenges and opportunities it brings with it as they occur. .

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