Tracie Jada O’Brien Honored By California LGBT Legislative Caucus

Photo: The State Capital 06/2014  , Who would have EVER thought that this woman would come from the streets of the Tenderloin in San Francisco to being honored on the Sate Assembly and The State Senate floor for her breath of work in HIV and Transgender CareI had to keep myself self from doing the pageant wave I think Mercia's would be proud of her child , I am !!!!

The California Legislative Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Caucus recently held a ceremony in the Capitol building honoring the state’s LGBT Leaders.

One of the people proudly repping the ‘T’ during that June 23 ceremony in Sacramento was San Diego’s Tracie Jada O’Brien, a longtime trans and HIV/AIDS activist and one of our distinguished trans elders.  

Photo: Who am I standing next to?????She was part of the group of 2014 LGBT Pride Month honorees that included actor, writer and civil rights activist George Takei, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, president and COO of the Golden State Warriors Rick Wells, and Executive Director of the National Center For Lesbian Rights Kate Kendell.

Congratulations Tracie!  Well deserved honor for you.

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