Three Weeks Until I Make History At Fantasia Fair!

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The Provincetown. MA based Fantasia Fair that started in 1975 is the oldest trans conference in the USA and probably the world, and in three weeks I get to attend it for the first time.

I also get to make some history at the 41st annual edition of it when I do.

When I step up to the podium on October 20 to accept the Virginia Prince Transgender Pioneer Award, I will become the first African-American winner of it.  

While I can think of a few people who probably should have gotten it before I did, I’m not complaining about the blessing of making some more trans history.  I’m confident that some of my African-American trans contemporaries who have also toiled long and well in advancing the human rights of our community will get their well deserved Fantasia Fair day in the sun.

I’m also looking forward to seeing my mentor Dainna Cicotello, Laurie Cicotello and other veteran leaders like Dallas Denny, Marisa Richmond, Denise Norris, Dr Jillian Weiss, and Miqqi Alicia Gilbert just to name a few along with the Fantasia Fair attendees who see me as one of those iconic leaders.

Also looking forward to finally meeting another trailblazer in Bold and the Beautiful actor Scott Turner Schofield.  So want to talk to him as a fan of B&B about that groundbreaking trans storyline

And yeah, you know I’ll be live tweeting and reporting on much of what happens this year at Fantasia Fair 2015.

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