The Transphobes Look Stupid Now

One of the things I’ve been pondering lately is that iconic photo of an impeccably dressed teenage Elizabeth Eckford, a member of the Little Rock Nine, proudly making her way to her first day of classes at the newly integrated Little Rock Central High through a hostile white mob as a teenage Hazel Bryan Massery screams at her.

We’ve seen that moment immortalized in an iconic photo that pissed Louis Armstrong off in a epic rant that probably motivated President Dwight Eisenhower to send federal troops to Little Rock.

As for Ms Eckford and Ms Bryan-Massery, they eventually reunited under less contentious circumstances at the 40th anniversary of that event, and in 1999 on the Oprah Winfrey Show stage in 1999 as Hazel Bryan Massery continues her journey to atone for her actions conducted on that September 1957 morning that negatively impacted Elizabeth Eckford’s life.

As far as the crowd of people in the top picture in this meme are concerned, so far don’t know if they have expressed regrets for their back in the day bigot eruptions..

Speaking of bigot eruptions, we now have predominately conservative white people who have failed to l;earn from past history and are repeating it by trying to oppress another marginalized minority group.

The Republican Party, the Southern Baptists, white fundamentalists and TERFs (trans exclusionary/exterminationalist radical feminists) have united in an Axis of Trans Intolerance with the mission to hate on and attempt to turn their transphobic bigotry into public policy.  

And we won’t have to wait forty years to see if the transphobes look stupid, they look, act and sound that way in real time, and their transphobic scribblings, hate speech and actions are being preserved for historical posterity

As we learned from the history of the African-American civil rights movement and the LGBT rights movement, those conservative efforts are doomed to failure since conservatives have been on the wrong side of human rights issues for the last two centuries.

But they still declared World War T on us anyway.

transgender-ucla-ucsb-matt-walsh-full.Bruin_RepublicansWith the trans rights moment increasingly shaping up in the words of Vice President Joe Biden as the civil rights issue of our time, four decades from now your kids, grandkids and great grandkids will be asking you the question when trans human rights are an undeniable fact in ours and their lives where you stood during this early 21st century time they will probably be studying in their history books.

UCLA Bruin Republicans Haley Nieves, Victoria Metzel, Julia Nista and UC-Santa Barbara’s Carlos Flores, the transphobic quartet in the bottom half of that meme, like a lot of trans oppression enablers will have to admit (if they ever evolve and are brutally honest with themselves) they were on the transphobic side of the moral arc of the human rights universe.

Their fellow Bruins seem to think so and condemned them for their hate speech as they do what Republicans always do, avoid taking responsibility for their bigoted and transphobic actions.

And ladies, FYI, it is hatred of trans people that is the mental disorder. You may also wish to while you’re matriculating on the UCLA campus take a class with Dr Eric Vilain to ‘ejumacate’ you on the latest science as it pertainsto sexual orientation and gender identity.

We’ll see if over time Haley, Victoria, Julia, Carlos and other assorted transphobic haters evolve, or are forced to do so if karma kicks them in the behind and blesses them with a transgender child, grandchild or relative to speed up that evolution.

But whether that happens or not, based on their current nekulturny behavior, this transphobic quartet will have to grow up first and realize that they, like all transphobes in this nation and around the world are the people who look stupid now, not the people they sought to demonize

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