The TransGriot 2019 Houston Municipal Election Endorsements

Since one of the things I talk about on this blog is politics from a trans perspective, I do pay attention to what’s going on at the city, county, state, national and international level when it comes to what’s happening in the political world.

As a person who is also a writer and advocate, it’s also my job to know and pass that info on to you.  I want people to be more informed voters when it’s time for you to head to the polls.

The early voting period starts October 21 and runs until November 2.  Election Day for our Houston municipal election and the special Texas House elections will be on November 5

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Speaking of voting, if you wish to participate in our upcoming Houston municipal election or the Texas House special elections, you’ll have until October 7 to register to vote in order to be eligible to do so.

Now that the basic information is out of the way, let’s get to the endorsements.


Mayor- Sylvester Turner

Controller- Chris Brown 

City Council

District A- Iesheia Ayers Wilson

District B- Tarsha Jackson

District C- Shelley Kennedy

District D- Carla Brailey

District F-  Anthony Nelson

District G- Crystal Pletka 

District H- Isabel Longoria

District I-  Robert Gallegos 

District J- Sandra Rodriguez 

District K- Martha Castex Tatum 

At Large 1-  Georgia Provost

At Large 2-  David Robinson 

At Large 3- Janaeya Carmouche

At Large 4-  DrLetitia Plummer 

At Large 5- Ashton P. Woods

Houston Community College System Trustee 

District 1- Monica Flores Richart 

District 2- Rhonda Skillern Jones

HISD Trustee

District II- Kathy Blueford Daniels

District III-  Daniela Hernandez 

District IV- Larry McKinzie

District VIII- Judith Cruz

Texas House Special Elections

HD-28 –  Eliz Markowitz 

HD-148- Penny Morales Shaw 


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